Thursday, January 31, 2008


This Saturday I'll be holding RAINSTORM II at 11am at my gym.

It's free so come out for some metabolism-raising, fun times- and bring a friend!

No Bueno

not feeling strong at all right now.

did "Mary" earlier and i was hesitant with the pullups. i finished with 9 rds. i thought i'd have at least 12 done.

that's what 2 weeks of unhealthy food and alcohol will do to a body

Monday, January 28, 2008

an excerpt

"Eating alone will not keep a man well; he must also take exercise. For food and exercise, while possessing opposite qualities, yet work together to produce health... And it is necessary, as it appears, to discern the power of various exercise, both natural exercises and artificial, to know which of them tends to increase flesh and which to lessen it; and not only this, but also to proportion exercise to bulk food, to the constitution of the patient, to the age of the individual..."

Regimen - Hippocrates

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

note to self:

buy new running shoes and start studying the POSE Method of running and ChiRunning

5k's all day!

Here's to the Big Climb! Team Foundation Fitness is about to own this

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ross E. the Beast

one of my fitness heroes, Ross Enamait, put up a new training article and video up on his training website.

The Homemade Wheel

Free movement exercises are much better for midline stabilization than machines. F*ck an Ab Lounge or any other crunch machines.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Personal Record!

I completely destroyed my last PR of 8:47 with CrossFit's 'Diane' WOD yesterday

21-15-9 reps for time:
225 lbs Deadlift


I'm both shocked and stoked about it. Feels good either way though.

I also wanted to share this article...

Myostatin Drugs 4x > Steroids, Without Harmful Side Effects?


Friday, January 11, 2008

from my CF Boards thread

i'm a bit late on starting this properly, but i thought hey! new year, new log! let's see if i can't stay on schedule.

as of 2008 0101 i am a 22 year old Filipino/Spanish male standing at 5'5", weighing in at 140 lbs (63.6kg). i don't eat poorly, but it's not that great either. (that statement is based on what my peers eat)

according to a Bod Pod test in late December 2007 my BF% is 6.7% meaning i carry 9.4 lbs of fat with a lean tissue weight of 130.6. the Bod Pod also concluded that my BMR is 1561. given that i have an "Active" activity level, then my BMR goes up to 2716. if i set my macronutrient ratios to 40/30/30 (CHO/Pro/Fat, respectively) then i should be eating

CHO 1086cal / 272g
Pro 815cal / 204g
Fat 815cal / 91g

i take a daily Centrum multi and a fish oil pill. on days i feel my immune system is weak (i carry stress and seem to get sick in the throat/neck area most) i will take anywhere from 500mg to 2000mg, which was recommended to me by a "wellness specialist".

sleep is my biggest "limit" (i don't like the word "weakness"). it's very hard for me to keep a set schedule. i am currently attempting to reset my circadian rhythm.

my occupation is being a personal trainer for my gym Foundation Fitness / Rain City CrossFit.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grand Opening Results

The grand opening of Foundation Fitness/ Rain City CrossFit was a complete success. Although everyone who RSVP'ed didn't show up, others were there to fill the spots, eat the pizza and drink the beers.

My demo workout, which I shall dub 'Kill Grip'

3rds for time:
20 KB Swings, 16 kg
15 Pullups
10 C&J, 95lbs

(the official version will be 5rds, 20kg kb, and hspu will be with the parallettes)

Afterwards we held an inagural workout which I have named 'Roxanne'

21-15-9 reps for time:
KB Swing, 20kg
Box Jumps, 20"
Push Press, 95lbs

I am very excited for the rest of the year. Foundation Fitness is now my full-time job and I can't wait to build our rep as a gym!


On the 7th Tammy, Mike, and myself did the hero wod 'Josh'.

For Time:
21 OHS, 95lbs
42 Pullups
15 OHS, 95lbs
30 Pullups
9 OHS, 95lbs
18 Pullups

Andrew 9:53
Tammy 15:?? M (45lbs, jumping)
Mike 10:07 M (45lbs, jumping)

i tore my hands up pretty nicely as well. didn't hurt so much at first because i didn't notice them, but during my cool down i looked at my hands and noticed the tears. the only other time i've ever torn was in high school gymnastics. i'm surprised that within my first year of CrossFit it didn't tear me up sooner!


Saturday there will be a CrossFit Total at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle. We will help run the event and hopefully I'll be able to compete as well!

Too bad I didn't prepare )=

Results will be posted Saturday night. Stay posted!


Here's a video of Cyril Raffaelli, a trickster/traucer/stuntman/martial artist. You may recognize his face. Click his name to see his profile on IMDB


Finally, here's an article about making your own vanilla extract!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

3/4 Ain't Bad

Last night I was determined to work out even if I had a coffee date with an old schoolmate (hi Kate!)

Sheena, Mike and myself warmed up, played with the C2 a bit and then went through some skills. Weird thing is we all finished our respective workouts at (nearly) the same time.


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rds for time:
Push Press, 45lbs
KB SDLHP, 1 pood
KB Swings, 1 pood

Mike 10:30


21-15-9 rep rds for time:
DB Push Press, 30lbs
KB Goblet Squat, 8kg
KB Swing, 8kg

Sheena 10:30


10-Min KB Swing Test (CF Style)

Andrew 208, 16kg


I still want to workout today. Maybe after the Seahawks game because I'm gonna have some people over.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

That's my landlord's name

we finally got a C2 in the gym

500m Row
12 BW Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps, 25"

12:40, 145lbs deadlift

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

WELCOME 2008! What fun will we have this year?

from one of my favorite sites, Modern Forager:


Ten Things To Remember In The New Year

January 2nd, 2008 Scott Kustes

Given that the calendar just ticked over to January 1st, 2008, there are a lot of resolutions to eat better and lose weight. Here are ten things to remember as you embark on your health journey.

  1. Junk food doesn’t exist; there is junk and there is food.
  2. Similarly, real food has no nutrition label. Food products have nutrition labels.
  3. If a label tells you how healthful the product inside is, it’s probably not. Don’t be deceived by marketing.
  4. Sugar is detrimental to your body in more ways than you can count.
  5. Organic/natural junk is still junk. Thirty grams of sugar from honey is not more healthful than 30g of sugar from other sources.
  6. If you are wondering if you should eat more vegetables, the answer is yes. I don’t care how many you eat, you should probably eat more.
  7. Similarly, you should probably sleep more. Turn off the TV and go to bed. Given the quality of most TV programming, you aren’t going to miss anything of importance.
  8. Don’t let “I can’t afford organic” keep you from eating enough produce. Organic vegetables are best. However, eating conventional is better than not eating produce at all.
  9. You’re human and you will eat something too sugary and too carby. Don’t stress; just get back on the wagon.
  10. And finally: health is a lifelong journey, not a quick-fix. Find something you can stick with.

Anybody have any to add?


Read more.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

SPD = Seattle Police Department?

Grant & myself went through our own strength training

Squat 5-4-3-3-3
Press 5-5-3-3-3
Deadlift 5-5-3-3-3

185lbs - 205lbs - 225 lbs - 250lbs - 255lbs
95lbs - 110lbs - 115lbs - 120lbs - 130lbs
225lbs - 285lbs - 315lbs - 320lbs - 320 lbs

Grant's back was still recovering from Elizabeth so he couldn't go on with the deadlifts (the eccentric phase was killing his back)