Friday, June 03, 2005

AB's Total Core

My Total Core Workout

30 ab-wheel rolls
- 10 straight
- 5 curve left
- 5 curve right
- 10 straight

50 weighted crunches
have a weightplate, dumbbell, or some other heavy item. first 25 lay it on your chest and for the second 25 raise the weight directly above you head

stretch (upward-facing dog)

40 reverse crunches
lay on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the ground. bring your knees to your chest. return them to starting position and try not to touch the ground.

20 weighted waist twists
stand shoulder-width apart, hold a weight as far out from your body and twist from right to left, return to center, then left to right. count as one.

20 vacuums
lay straight on the floor, hands on stomache. suck your gut in (think pulling your belly button to your spine) and hold for 3 seconds. relax, repeat.

12 L-Drops
still laying down, bring you legs together that they point toward the ceiling. keeping your torso still facing the ceiling, drop your legs directly to one side, return to beginning position, then drop to the other side. that's two.


∞ sit-ups
infinity means forever (or until you burn out)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

BL's Sequence Training Routine

Bruce Lee's Sequence Training Routine (for Total Fitness)

SEQUENCE 1A (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

1. Jump Rope (1 min)
as vigorous as possible, then immediately move to the next exercise

2. Forward Bend (1 min)
standing, attempt to get your hands to touch your toes. if that's too easy, think of touching your head to your shins

3. Cat Stretch (1 min)
in yoga terms, Downward-Facing Dog > Upward-Facing dog. to everyone else, a Bruce Lee pushup/cobra/dip-push up/dive-bomber/etc...

4. Jumping Jack (1 min)
repeat for as many repitions as possible within one minute

5. Squat (1 min)
stand a bit wider than shoulder-width and place your hands behind your head or on your hips. bend at the knees (keeping your weight on your heels) and keep your chest up until your thigh is parallel to the ground.

6. High Kick (1 min)
attempting to keep your body strait as your perform this move, kick as high and as straight as you can within one minute with both legs

SEQUENCE 1B (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

1. Waist-Twist (1 min)
hold a weight in your hands or place a bar on your shoulders and twist as far left as possible, then right. repeat as many times as possible within one minute

2. Palm-Up Curl (1 min)
hold a db in each hand and sit on a bench. your forearms should run along your thighs. curl the weight in each hand

3. Decline Sit-Up (1 min)
find a decline sit-up bench. use it. or use a swissball.

4. Knee Drawing (1 min)
a compound move involving you on your strait on your back, hands on the ground under your butt. lift your legs 6 inches, pause, then bring your knees to your chest. return to start position and repeat

5. Side Bending (1 min)
holding a weight in one hand, stand strait (shoulders-width apart) and bend one way as far as possible, and then the other way

6. Palm-Down Curl (1 min)
like the Palm-Up curl, but the grip is reversed.

SEQUENCE 2A (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

1. Groin Stretch (1 min)
sitting on the floor, bring the soles of your feet together. place your hands on your free and your elbows on the inside of the knees. use your elbows to help force your groin to stretch

2. Side Leg Raise (1 min)
standing, lock your right leg strait and lift it up laterally as high as it can go. Keeping the raise under full muscular control, hold this position for a full 30 seconds. Lower the leg and repeat the movement with your left leg

3. Jumping Squat (1 min)
standing shoulder-width apart, lower yourself into a squat position and then explode upward, landing in a standing position. repeat for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.

4. Shoulder Circling
just like the warm-up, rotate your arms in equal directions. count 20 back, 20 forward, 20 each arm, back and forward

5. Alternative Splits (1 min)
with one foot forward and one foot back jump and switch. this counts as one. do as many as possible in one minute

6. Leg Stretch (A,B) (2 min)
you need something at your hip's height that you can place your leg upon.

A.) face the stretching bar and place you leg upon it. lock your knee and reach for your toe. if you can reach your toes easily, think of placing you forehead on your shin. hold for 30 seconds. switch and repeat

B.) this time place your right leg on the bar/chair/whatever and face 90 degrees left. hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

SEQUENCE 2B (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

1. Leg Raise (1 min)

BL's 20-Min Routine

The 20-Minute Strength and Shape Routine

1. Clean and Press: 2 sets/8 reps
2. Squat: 2 sets/12 reps
3. Barbell Pullover: 2sets/8 reps
4. Bench Press: 2 sets/6 reps
5. Good Mornings: 2 sets/8 reps
6. Barbell Curl: 2 sets/8 reps

Follow this shadowboxing and/or practicing kicks.