Friday, January 11, 2008

from my CF Boards thread

i'm a bit late on starting this properly, but i thought hey! new year, new log! let's see if i can't stay on schedule.

as of 2008 0101 i am a 22 year old Filipino/Spanish male standing at 5'5", weighing in at 140 lbs (63.6kg). i don't eat poorly, but it's not that great either. (that statement is based on what my peers eat)

according to a Bod Pod test in late December 2007 my BF% is 6.7% meaning i carry 9.4 lbs of fat with a lean tissue weight of 130.6. the Bod Pod also concluded that my BMR is 1561. given that i have an "Active" activity level, then my BMR goes up to 2716. if i set my macronutrient ratios to 40/30/30 (CHO/Pro/Fat, respectively) then i should be eating

CHO 1086cal / 272g
Pro 815cal / 204g
Fat 815cal / 91g

i take a daily Centrum multi and a fish oil pill. on days i feel my immune system is weak (i carry stress and seem to get sick in the throat/neck area most) i will take anywhere from 500mg to 2000mg, which was recommended to me by a "wellness specialist".

sleep is my biggest "limit" (i don't like the word "weakness"). it's very hard for me to keep a set schedule. i am currently attempting to reset my circadian rhythm.

my occupation is being a personal trainer for my gym Foundation Fitness / Rain City CrossFit.


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