Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Update: End of March

After this past Saturday's RAINSTORM (or FIGHTSTORM as Adrian dubbed it) and scoring a 326, I ended up doing JT at 3am later that evening because I was awake and needed to release that energy.

Dwinson and I resting after box jumps

21-15-9 reps for time:
Ring Dips


Sunday was a rest day. I was contemplating doing yoga and/or taking a nap when Tammy called me up and asked if I wanted to go to Banya 5 with her, Adrian and John. I took that call as a sign to relax and enjoy the spa. If you've never been before, Banya 5 is a "Russian-style Turkish bath house", which essentially has plenty of hot/cold modalities to refresh the body and spirit. Check it out sometime. I have half-off passes as well. Saw some familiar faces there and enjoyed some tea. I would do the contrast modalities- wet heat, cold plunge, dry heat, cold plunge, warm bath, cold plunge, repeat.

Two to three hours later we were all hungry and Tammy decided upon Snoose Junction Pizza in Ballard. We shared a Mushroom/Sausage/Ricotta pie. Good stuff. (It's the weekend. I can eat it)

Yesterday those three and myself did heavy squats:

Front Squat


I definitely could've gone heavier for everything, but slow and steady wins the race. That, and we were all sharing the same rack. I'm going to do some O-lifts today after training some folk

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