Friday, April 04, 2008

Not well

I'm still hacking which means I should be resting and not working out.

I did 30 muscle-ups for time in my sleep last night if that counts for anything..


Ch-ch-ch-check it out- Brendan Gilliam's blog!

"It never ceases to amaze me how full of #?!% the fitness industry is. I don't want to talk about the ones who are obviously full of it, like the infomercial dorks trying to sell their piece of crap machines and dvds that are only good for laughing at. I want to talk a little about the guys who are actually highly regarded as elite strength coaches to the pros, and charge like $250 dollars an hour to get their time. They write books and articles for major fitness sites. They charge obscene amounts of money for them to speak at a seminar for a few hours. They claim to be the real deals of the industry, the no BS guys who have lived in the trenches for the last 15 years AND have like 20 different different letters after their names."

Along with being one of CrossFit's posterchildren, he owns and runs CrossFit North Santa Cruz, home of this badass wall painting:

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