Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My back

Is murdering me.. and it's only been just over 12 hours since I did this little ditty:

21 deadlifts, 225lbs
42 pullups
15 deadlifts, 225lbs, dropped to 135 after the first 10 reps
30 pullups
9 deadlifts, 135lbs
18 pullups


I wasn't feeling strong during those deadlifts, but then again I haven't been paying attention to my heavy lifting for a while. This coupled with some terrible food choices this past week and lack of sleep (my buddy Dan is having some serious sleeping problems as well) aren't helping my health. I'm finding myself being a 'Debbie Downer' and it's not fun.

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marcjames said...

debbie downer! hehe.. so today i didnt feel confident about the WOD since ive never done them before. this is what i did instead..

3rds for time:
- 500m row
- 25 thrusters w/ 5lbs med. ball [thats all they had]
- 20 burpees
- 15 sit ups