Monday, February 04, 2008

[article] UK & US Love Their Fast Food

from the Modern Forager:

Organic Consumers latest newsletter included this article: Who Loves Junk Food the Most: U.K., USA, or Canada?

From the newsletter:

44 percent of Americans agreed with the statement while only 19 percent of the French agreed.

And taking the grand prize (from the article):

Forty five percent of UK respondents agreed with the statement ‘I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up’.

Wow! 44% and 45% respectively! That is an unreal percentage of people that cannot give up fast food due to the taste. It’s even more amazing to me because fast food isn’t all that tasty. It’s mainly a combination of salt, sugar, and a crispy texture - very one-dimensional food. It hits the spot if you’re so hungry, you’re going to gnaw your arm (or someone else’s arm) off, but I certainly wouldn’t consider it “tasty food”.

So congratulations Britain. You have unseated the USA as the most fast food loving nation, though only by a small percentage. Notice that the French don’t appreciate fast food quite as much, though it’s still 1 in 5. I suppose that’s the result of a rich food tradition that the United States doesn’t have.

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