Thursday, February 14, 2008


Oh, fitness blog! I have shunned thee and for that I am saddened.

Well, here's to new beginnings.

1. Blog my workouts here, daily
2. Also, read at least 10 pages of a book daily
3. Watch my nutrition closely and not to fall off (I'm attempting to Zone). CUT SUGAR!
4. CFWU and 10 minutes of stretching randomly throughout the day, regardless if I'm training or not
5. Pick up on the running!
6. Sleep more often, and on time
7. Budget everything
8. Stay focused.


rd 1 completed at 7:48
rd 2 completed at 16:52
rd 3 completed at 29:38

I almost saw Pukie thrice.

1 comment:

marcjames said...

No on Jackie for me. BUT, i did Cindy instead. not Cindy tease, and i was actually astonished..


im not sure if it was 16 or 17 cause i had no pencil so i tried to keep track in my head. so i figured id go with the lower number. I will be seeing Jackie soon tho. great job btw. your numbers are my goal. haha