Friday, February 08, 2008

Adrian didn't workout the other day

and he had a beer before noon.

The dudes and I did the 75 OHS, 95lbs WOD (75 reps done in as few sets as possible). Mike used 45lbs. He got 5 rds and both John and I got 4 rds as rx'ed.


Today Sheena and I ran Greenlake. I tried what I've learned of POSE method thus far. The run was great- my knee didn't hurt (as much) and we finished in a very decent time. We both took one break during the run (due to a cramp and my knee uncomfortability) but it was dope. My calfs are done for. I didn't get DOMS. It was more like Immediate Onset Muscle Soreness. I walk like an old injured man.

Good times ahead though.


I think I'm going to take a page from Skip Chase of Mt. Baker CrossFit (WA stand up!) and have my clients agree to allow me to come by at any point unannounced to check their fridges and pantries. Sugar is some bad stuff that I've also been trying to cut myself.

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