Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Domo Arigatoo Mr. Tabata"

with the subject i discussed in my last post, i decided to create my own Tabata Interval workout and it has been dubbed "Domo Arigatoo Mr. Tabata"

KB Swing (1 pood) - swing must past head level, catch in squat position
KB Squat - touch the ground
KB SLDL - touch the ground
Push Ups
Sit Ups - Naval style (hands crossed on shoulders/arms, elbows touch thigh)
Row (for Calories)

add all lowest number of reps/calories in each exercise. total of all numbers equal your score.

my score today was 71*.

it has been said to do Tabata workouts twice a month for maximal results. i plan on doing that starting in April. today was my test run and it treated me well.

*i also attempted to do the CrossFit WOD "Michael" but it was interrupted due to me forgetting i had a client at 5:30. i only reached the end of the second round and i had to stop.

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