Monday, November 17, 2008

great thread

This one deals with the argument of CrossFit being a "superior training program". I agree that it is not the end all of training, nor the best thing to do for specificity, but damn if it doesn't do a good job of getting to a certain level of fitness (see: GPP). It's the Jack of All Trades, master of none... but we'll see how the program evolves.


marcjames said...


"Testosterone Nation. The Intelligent and Relentless Pursuit of Muscle."

..pursuit of MUSCLE. not pursuit of a healthy living and elite strength and endurance.

further down the thread many begin to whine about hating running. i hate running also, but that doesn't stop me from doing it. again, the focus there for them is building muscles. sure, lift more boxes over your head than us crossfitters, but compete with us in ANYTHING else, and you can bet that my money is on CF! meatheads :)

check this out btw.

thought it might be interesting for ya.


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