Friday, June 22, 2007

Weight-Loss Pills

I don't know too many people who read blogs (including this one), but I regularly check out Ross En's blog and he recently put up this article. I'll add my thoughts about this all later.


Weight-loss pills fly off the shelves in New York
June 20th, 2007 | Category: The Blog
It looks like pill makers will make a killing off the new non-prescription weight loss pill Alli.

Pills fly off the shelves

As stated within:

A pharmacist at Windsor Pharmacy in Midtown Manhattan, Maha Omar, said the store initially bought 10 boxes of Alli, but reordered about two dozen more on Saturday after initial demand was strong. The store has sold about 20 boxes, each of which includes a month’s supply.


Now, we can all criticize the pill manufacturer for misleading the consumer to believe that these pills are the silver bullet, but can you blame them? These pill manufacturers are simply supplying the market with a product that is demanded by the consumer. Our society is lazy. Pill popping is here to stay. No one wants to work for anything.


This story reminds me of a trip to Walmart that I made last year. I needed to pick up a few 45 pound plates. I head to the exercise section and it looks like a ghost town. The free weights are covered in dust. I grab 4 x 45 pound plates and load up the shopping cart. I then head to checkout at the other end of the store. On my way, I pass by the vitamin and diet pill section. There are FOUR obese women all huddled around the diet pills. Each woman is trying to squeeze her way in to grab one of the last bottles. I wish I had a camera. These women are literally bumping in and off of each other, all trying to get their hands on a bottle of diet pills.

Meanwhile, the exercise equipment at the other side of the store is deserted. All you’ll see in that department is a thin coat of dust.

My trip to Walmart told me a lot about our world today. It’s a damn shame.



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