Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Smile and Look Alive!"

Nathan's and Elizabeth's Workout


Wall Ball Shots (12# Nathan, 6# Elizabeth)
Push Ups
Hip Extensions on Ball
Jumping Jacks

Nathan 84
Elizabeth 81


Dan and I have been tricking at the field on 90th and Wallingford the past week or so in an attempt to bring back the tricking crew known as the 'Gymnasties'. It's just been the two of us for now, but I've been letting other people know. Outdoor workouts are a nice change of scenery and are VERY refreshing.

So yesterday Dan, Adrian, Tammy met me at Greenlake for a session and it went pretty well. We ran through movement patterns, some basic gymnastics drills, and tricking skills (the 540 Kick). Later we moved onto Kettlebell work with swings, swings + chest taps, cleans, etc.

We're planning on having more outdoor group training sessions on a weekly basis, more if the weather is generous. Feel free to join and bring a friend or two, but be prepared to get dirty and sweaty!

Stay posted! I'll notify y'all with dates and times. You're gonna have to call me to find the location as I'm sure it'll constantly change. Leave a comment if you're interested in joining the fun.


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